Next Level Students exists to strengthen spiritual foundations and to empower students to lead themselves and influence the world around them.

To equip you in reaching this mission successfully, we have provided a number of resources to accompany you.

Take a look at the “KEY” below to identify what resources you may need to lead with clarity and confidence.

Ministry Team Mission: Answers “how” the Ministry Team uniquely contributes to and accomplishes Next Level Church’s vision to lead people to become fully engaged followers of Jesus.

Sub Team Descriptions: Offers clarity on the teams that comprise each Ministry and “how” they support the overarching Ministry Team Mission.

Schedule: Provides clarity regarding time commitments and weekend service flow.

Leadership Role Descriptions: Overviews the primary win, responsibilities, and time commitment of Serve Team Leadership

Team Member Descriptions: Describes how each role contributes to the Sub Team in a brief statement to enhance ownership and recall.

Role and Win: Offers vision, clarity and unity on what winning looks like within the Serve Team Role.

Serve Team Responsibilities: Outlines what each team member is ultimately responsible for through a practical weekly roadmap.




Weekend Engagement