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Patrick Jackson

Facilities Serve Team

 "I was diagnosed with Stage 4 lung cancer on January 12th, 2021 and started to accumulate fluid in my right lung. After going to the hospital for one visit to drain the fluid, I got Covid 19. Now I'm dealing with two monsters fighting for the same organ. My Covid symptoms was only a mild fever, the highest of which was 100.6 degrees. I asked the doctors how I could have such a huge underlying issue, yet Covid had no effect on me? The doctors stared at me and said they have no explanation for it. At that point I knew God was at work and I decided to give my life to the Lord."

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Diana Blewis

Safety Serve Team

 "I've been surrounded by mental health issues and addiction for over 40 years. I tried so hard to help the ones I love and to fix tough situations. Nothing I did ever worked. IN 2015, I stepped into Next Level Church desperate, broken and seeking something more. What I found was the love of Jesus through the people He placed in His church. I learned how to forgive and heal from past hurts, and that it was never my job to fix everything. I simply need to get out of God's way to let Him do what only He could do. He healed my heart, my soul and my family. There is no better way to live than to follow Jesus as a family and trust His ways and His timing."

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Alberto Torres

Next Level Young Adults

 "I've been a Christ believer all my life but never was a fan of going to church. After going with a couple of friends once, I truly knew what it meant to feel God's presence. Growing that relationship with God has brought so much community to my life."


Linda Croes

Worship and Online Team

 "I came to Next Level yearning to fit in and be accepted. I had a laundry list of failures that I was ashamed of. I went to Empowerment Track, joined a small group and found community. That's when my freedom journey really began. I learned that my past failures don't define me because Jesus bought my past. I learned to see people the way Jesus sees them and to freely forgive them. I learned that I don't have do things in my own strength but to walk at the pace of grace and partner with God in doing my life. I was accepted, set free and restored here. And now I'm deeply planted and flourishing here. From the pastors that have walked this journey with me, to the sisterhood that drew me out of shame and isolation, the worship team that embraced me, and the culture of unity that simply loves and accepts me. I'm so thankful I've found a home here."


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