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Keller, Matt and Sarah


Dear Church Family,

As we reflect on all that God has done this year, we are in awe of His faithfulness and provision over our church! What a privilege it is to be the Body of Christ together and that we get to be a part of all that God has entrusted to us. We have watched 206 people take their next steps in baptism this year, we have completed over 131 Serve Your City projects across Southwest Florida, and the next generation...we like to call them -- "The Freedom Generation", has been taking ground sharing their faith with their peers and revival is here! The most miraculous number of all is that we have seen 2,098 people give their life to Jesus so far this year!

We have seen the broken, restored. We have seen the sick, healed. We have seen those in bondage, leave in God's freedom! We have seen Jesus move this year like never before and we have seen lives in every generation being transformed daily! We get an opportunity to join together as a church family and sow a seed, to be kingdom builders who are making an impact locally, nationally, and globally! Isaiah 61:7 says, "And so you will inherit a double portion in your land, and everlasting joy will be yours." We believe that God will continue to show up, and through our generosity, His name will be glorified in the SWFL region and beyond. Thank you, because your generosity helps create opportunities for people to experience a life-changing relationship with Jesus, and there is no greater impact we could make together.


We love being your pastors,

Pastors Matt and Sarah



We are so excited to launch our Downtown Location! God has given us this building on Dr. Martin Luther King Jr Blvd in Fort Myers, and we can't wait to see all that He will do in years to come through this location. Our Downtown Location building will have the opportunity to be built out, with the goal of launching in Fall of 2024.


Debt reduction on our current buildings will set us up for success for ministries for years to come.

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One Hope

We are making it possible to spread the gospel to kids and youth across the world reaching over 2 billion children with the word of God in over 148 languages.

Compassion International

We get to provide education and resources for children in poverty around the world, including 199 new sponsorships at Beautiful Conference 2023.

Messenger International

We are actively closing the discipleship gap by funding the translation and dissemination of biblical resources and teachings in native languages to over 228 nations.


With the Association of Related Churches (ARC), we are helping plant churches across the United States, with 1,097 churches planted over the the last 23 years.




The Next Level Relational Network exists to pastor ministry leaders so they can lead healthy and high impact churches. We get the opportunity to provide these churches with spiritual covering and support, resources, Brotherhood and Sisterhood Groups, and so much more. It is an honor to come alongside these churches to help make a bigger impact for God's Kingdom.


At Next Level Church, we believe that serving is the posture of our heart and an ongoing way of loving others around us. As a church, we have completed over 131 Serve Your City events and projects in 2023.



FIRM helps spread the gospel throughout the nation of Israel, where less than 1% of the 9 million people are believers in Jesus.


The Christ In Action team responds to disasters by providing free demolition services to families who need to start rebuilding after a natural disaster.


A21 exists to abolish slavery and human trafficking around the world through strategic awareness, prevention, and rescue efforts.