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What is Freedom?

Freedom groups at Next Level Church are an in-depth look at “Who we are” as Christ followers. We believe no matter where we are in our relationship with God, there is more freedom for us here on earth beyond salvation! For each of us, our identity should be secure as God’s sons and daughters, but there are things that keep us from truly understanding and experiencing this. In our Freedom Groups, we look at our past and present through self-awareness to see if there are things holding us back from the future that God has prepared for us. Freedom Groups are not just about knowledge acquisition, but taking the knowledge we acquire and allowing our lives to be transformed through the love of the Father, the power of Jesus and the guidance of the Holy Spirit. The goal is to learn and experience how we can fight off Satan’s attempts to entangle us in sin and instead embrace our identity as sons and daughters of God who are growing in an intimate relationship with Him as Father! Throughout Freedom, you will learn tools in an applicable and practical way that will equip you to continue in an ongoing relationship with God.

In group form you will learn, laugh and grow together! There is privacy and confidentiality and you will find a safe place to be real and walk with others on their journey as well. Our Freedom groups may be held in a home or in a room at our location, but everyone will have a Group leader. Some may be held as co-ed groups at the beginning, but everyone will break down into Brotherhood and Sisterhood groups for small group time. In other words, guys with guys and girls with girls.

This is a 12-week group with an experiential weekend built-in for community and freedom in Christ! We hope you’ll make the commitment to join and walk in freedom because we believe that we are Set Free to Be!

Freedom Testimonials

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Lory Grimes

Freedom has changed my relationship with God like nothing else ever has. Both times I went through Freedom, I thought I knew what God wanted to free me from, and both times I was wrong! He had bigger plans for me than I had for myself. Freedom has given me tools to dig deep and to stand in absolute confidence that I am a daughter of the King. I’ve let things go that I didn’t even know held me in bondage. Strongholds have definitely been broken. When lies try to sneak in, I have the tools to take them captive and lay them at the cross. I’ve gained freedom I didn’t even know I needed. This is a course every believer needs to experience. My personal growth from Freedom has changed my trajectory!

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Jinelle Ponce

East Location

When I first started my Freedom journey, I was honestly desperate for healing and deliverance from the unclean spirits that I gave access to before coming back to Jesus. It felt like the enemy was putting up a fight to keep me bound. Throughout the weeks I was able release a lot of what I was holding on to, as well as what was holding on to me from my past and also generational. Those layers began to peal away. I learned that freedom is a daily walk and was given the tools that we need in order to stay in freedom ♥️. Praise the Lord because healing and deliverance is exactly what came from Freedom and coming out of it has left a desire on my heart to be used by God to be able to help guide someone else in their Freedom journey. During Freedom we were able to really experience the super natural presence of our God ♥️♥️♥️ which gave this feeling of just being complete, whole, loved, cared for and also conviction. It was like God saying He’s captured every tear and heard every word and left a feeling of security that He’s got it all handled. This is an experience I pray that so many others have. 

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