As your son or daughter unwraps presents this year, there’s one gift that your child should get this Christmas. However, this gift will not be under the tree. No doubt, though, it’s the best gift you can give your child.

That gift is the gift of Giving. Even as you wrap toys, clothes, books, and games, you can set aside some time to give to others. Show them how fun and rewarding it is to give to others who cannot return the favor. These are some of the things we did with our kids:

  • Shop to buy toys for a needy child, and deliver it to their home if you can
  • Serve at a shelter for their children’s Christmas party
  • Serve breakfast to the homeless in the park on Christmas morning (we did this and it was such an awesome experience! What a great way to start Christmas day!)
  •  Choose a family in need, fill a box with gifts, then drop it off at their house without them seeing you
  • Deliver goodies to shut-in or lonely neighbor
  • Encourage your kids to buy gifts for needy people in other countries and give it in someone else’s name. For instance, buy a goat for a family in Africa, then give a card to the recipient here and say that “In your name, a family in Africa received a goat that will give them milk”. There are several organizations that do that: Compassion and World Vision are two that we used. This is a great gift for someone who has everything and really doesn’t need any more stuff!

These are all tried and true Meredith Giving ideas. Our kids are all in their 20s now and as I see each one sacrifice and give to others, I know that the gift of Giving we gave them as they grew up was one of the best gifts they received!

– Janis Meredith

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