The Christian walk is meant to be lived as a marathon, not a sprint. Are you modeling this in front of your kids? How do you show your kids what it looks like to live for Christ in the long haul? How do you model that Christianity is a race of endurance–a marathon–and not a 10-yard dash that offers quick victory? How can you be an example of a “sticky” Christian?


This is how you model life as a “Sticky” Christian:

  • You develop the right habits. Because what starts as a habit usually ends up as a lifestyle. Choose to read the Bible and pray every day. Be intentional about connecting with a community of Christ-followers.
  • You are willing to learn from your mistakes. You will make plenty of them, as a parent, and just as a person. But don’t give up on yourself. Give yourself some grace. Let God show you what you did wrong and what you can learn from it. Then move on.
  • You don’t give up on God when things get painful or hard. Don’t even let that become an option. He’s committed to YOU for the long haul; stick it out with HIM. You can be angry, you can be discouraged, but take those feelings to Him and let Him help you work through them. Don’t use them as an excuse to give up on your relationship with Him.
  • You keep doing what is right, even when your heart is not in it. There will be days when you absolutely do not feel like doing what you know you should do, whether it’s choosing to forgive a family member or being kind to a grumpy neighbor. Show your kids that love and forgiveness are choices, not emotional responses.


Are You Showing Your Kids How to be “Sticky Christians”? Sometimes races are hard; sometimes they are exhilarating. Sometimes they are uphill; sometimes they are downhill. When Scripture compares the Christian walk to a race, I don’t believe it is implying that it is dull or a drudgery, but rather that it is unpredictable, full of adventure and challenge, and that victory will come. Are you showing your kids how to be “sticky” Christians? Christ-followers who are committed for the long haul?

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