You are altogether beautiful, my darling, beautiful in every way.
Song of Solomon 4:7





With our heads lifted towards heaven and our focus on our Heavenly Father we know our identity as His daughters. We gather together and that makes us sisters. Arm in arm as a sisterhood we unite, support, encourage, love and draw strength from each other.


Sisterhood Night

Sisterhood Night is an extension of what God birthed at our Launch Party in May 2019. It will be a night to enjoy community with other ladies as we grow in our identity in Christ and kick off this season of Sisterhood Groups. The night will take place twice a year, and will be hosted at our Fort Myers and East Locations! Like our Sisterhood Launch Party, come and be refreshed in the presence of God and other Next Level sisters!

Sisterhood Night 2020

To find community, sign up for Sisterhood groups and draw strength from each other


Who: ALL ladies from middle school age and up

When: more info coming soon!!

1920x1080 Celebration Sisterhood
Screen Graphics_Sisterhood Party at Home

Sisterhood Party at Home was incredible!

Over 50 Host parties, over 500 woman who signed up, and hundreds of woman who joined in LIVE! 

We love you Sisterhood! You are Beautiful!



Real Men Serve Women

Let's go guys, we need you to help us honor and serve the ladies in our Next Level family!


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