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Passionate worship and creative and relevant messages make our weekend services the perfect environment for you to experience God.

Empowerment Track:
Is a 3 week group that will give you the tools that you need to help accelerate your growth into full engagement.

Whether it’s being baptized, joining a small group, joining a Serve Team or something else entirely, we want to help you find and take your next step in becoming a more fully engaged follower of Jesus.


Empowerment Track is a 3 week group designed to accelerate you into full engagement. If you're new to Next Level, your Spiritual Growth has plateaued or you just need a little help finding your next step then this is the Group for you. Next Level’s Empowerment Track was designed with you in mind.

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Misson of Hope ...Haiti Trip 2016 with my Next Level Family

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The reason we exist is to lead people to become fully engaged followers of Jesus.
We believe that happens for all of us through a lifestyle of “Next Steps.”
This journey begins when you experience God, and continues as you are equipped
and empowered to discover and take your next step.

Still have questions? Visit the Next Steps area in all our locations to learn more.
Our team will assist you and answer any questions that you may have.

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