I'm New


Welcome! We’re so excited for you to take your first steps at Next Level Church! Here you will find all the information you need as you begin your journey at Next Level Church!

If you are new, please text NLCNEW to 77411!

We have a team of people that would love to welcome you, answer your questions, as well as send you a gift for visiting us!

Your Next Steps

Watch this video on what to expect in our Sunday Service

As a first step, join one of our Sunday Services! We are a friendly, casual church- so come dressed however you feel comfortable! When you arrive, you can expect a warm greeting at the door with people from all walks of life. You will enter our auditorium and hear live, upbeat music, and listen to a special message from our Pastors that is relevant to your everyday life. After service you are welcome to grab something to drink and socialize in our foyer. Our friendly volunteers are happy to answer any questions you may have. You can either join our services online or in person at our East, Fort Myers or Cape Coral location.

Join Empowerment Track

Empowerment Track is a 1 day, three hour group. It teaches you about us, but also helps you discover where you fit in and what your gifts and talents are. We’ll also help you get connected with some amazing leaders as you discover helpful, practical next steps.

Bible Reading Plan

We believe the bible is where we find answers to life's questions, and learn more about Jesus so that we can live our best life. To learn more and follow our bible reading plan click the button below.

Join a Group

We believe we are better together and that we are not meant to do this life alone. That's why we encourage you to join a group with others who may be experiencing the same things as you. We have many types of groups. Click the button below to find a group that is best for you.

Do you want a relationship with Jesus?

If you want a relationship with Jesus, we are so happy for you! It's a free gift that you don't have to earn! It's as simple as saying the following prayer and believing in your heart that Jesus is your Lord. Say this, "Dear Jesus, I acknowledge that I'm a sinner, please forgive me. I believe that what you did on the cross was payment for my sin. Please forgive me. I accept you into my life as my Lord and Savior."


We’re so excited to celebrate this amazing step in your faith journey with Jesus. Please text NLCYES to 77411 and someone from our Pastoral team will be reaching out to you to answer any questions you may have. We also will be sending you a New Believer starter kit (with a Bible, a journal, and one of our Intro to SOAP guides, along with a book we think will be extra helpful).

Request a Prayer

Here at Next Level Church we believe that prayer connects us with the heart of our Father. It’s a two-way relationship in which we not only talk to our Father but also listen to Him. The beautiful thing about prayer is that God has also given us the authority to intercede on other’s behalf.

Have a Need

During these difficult times, it is easy to feel like you are all alone. We want you to know that we are here and ready to help. If you have a need that you are not able to fulfill on your own, please let us know.

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