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This Christmas season, we want to challenge you with the same question we are asking ourselves:

“What would God have me and my family give to what He is doing through this house?”

We believe that if we all are faithful to seek and ask God what He desires from us, and obey what He asks us to do, all of the needs will be met! It’s not about the amount, or equal giving, but it is all about equal sacrifice as we seek God together.

And in a season where gifts are all around us, let's allow our greatest gift be towards what God is doing through His Kingdom! Here’s what we know: Eternity will be forever changed by our commitment to pray and sacrifice to build a home where more people can find the freedom and grace found in Jesus Christ.

Your gift on the weekend of December 7th and 8th is what will allow us to accomplish all that God has called us to this year. If you are unable to give that weekend, you can also give online now.

We love you Church Family,

Matt and Sarah


This year, the Lord gave us a building right in the middle of Cape Coral! With over 180,000 people, Cape Coral is the perfect position for the next room in this House! There are so many families that live in the Cape and call Next Level their home, but when they invite their friends, the drive is too far for them.

Cape Coral


God is moving in a powerful way through the next generation in the Fort Myers Dream Center. Every week, we host 30 middle and high school students at our Dream Center Collide, and 18 students in our elementary school mentoring program. Sincere, one of the 4th grade students in our mentoring, recently did not want to go on a field trip he earned at school because he didn’t want to miss the Dream Center. He told his teacher, “They love us there”.


One of our ministry partners, Start with One, helps small churches in Guatemala build sustainable partnerships with their communities. In 2013, Next Level Church helped plant a Coffee farm for a church in EL Molino. This year, they were able to use the proceeds from that farm to build a brand new church building (pictured). This has allowed this church to grow and spread the gospel through their city!

Guatamala Church
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This year, we had the opportunity to purchase 10 acres of land behind the Fort Myers location. Because of the generosity of Kingdom Builders, we were able to purchase this land in cash, paving the way for the growth and expansion of the Fort Myers Location. This will allow us to do Team Nights, grow Sisterhood Conference and NLConf, and continue to grow what God is doing through Fort Myers


For the last 4 years, we have sponsored a Child Development Center in Cajamarca, Peru. This center allows for new mothers to get the healthcare, knowledge, and skills they need to help their children survive. Vanessa, one of the mothers in the center, had this to say: When I entered the Survival program, the church received me with great kindness and I feel very happy and I thank God for being part of the Survival family.

Compassion International (Vanessa)


The Association of Related Churches helps plant life-giving churches across the US and the world. To date, ARC Has planted over 850 churches, planting over 60 churches this year alone! Over 400 people have said yes to Jesus on launch day alone from these churches!


The Next Level Relational Network exists to pastor ministry leaders to lead healthy and high impact churches. This year, 84 churches are a part of the NLRN,  representing over 28,000 people in weekly attendance! Each of these pastors are in months groups, as well as 44 of their wives in sisterhood groups! And for the first time, we have brought 14 lead pastor couples through a Freedom Group!



In October, we hosted over 450 ministry leaders from over 80 churches and 6 countries for our Next Level Leadership Conference. This 3 day event allowed ministry leaders to come be refreshed and inspired to live out the calling God has on their lives!


In July, we hosted 337 middle and high school students for our annual Collide Conference. This week students were challenged, encouraged, and inspirited to be fully engaged followers of Jesus. In fact, 35 Students said yes to a relationship with Jesus for the first time!

Collide Conf
Biblical Life Missions Conference


In June this year, we got the opportunity to help host and teach the Biblical Life Missions Conference in Kenya. Partnering with our missionaries, we hosted over 200 pastors from all across Kenya, teaching them freedom principles, and helping them lead their churches.


With our missions partners in Serbia, we have been sending missions teams to Nexus Church for the last 3 years. This is a small church in Serbia, where they are persecuted for their faith. While they are a thriving community, their building didn’t have central AC, meaning they couldn’t meet as a church during the brutal Serbian winters. But, this year, Next Level was able to help fund a new AC and Heating system for their church, allowing them to meet every week!