New Group Leader Resources

New Group Leader Welcome Orientation Video

Group Leader Role Descriptions

Review the vision for your type of group and how to know you've fulfilled the mission for groups in your context.

Connect Group Leader
Life Group Leader
Freedom Group Leader
Sisterhood Group Leader
Role and Win Group Leader

Coaching Structure

We want you to be led and pastored well and confidently aligned with the vision for Groups here at Next Level. This guide will help you know what to expect from your Groups Coach and how to connect well with them.

Navigating the LEAD App

This shows you how to take attendance, manage your roster, and communicate with your group!

Freedom 2.0 Training Content

If you've been part of our latest edition of Freedom as a participant but not as a leader, we'd love for you to review content updates with Pastor Sarah and Pastor Ashley.

Current Group Leader Resources

Successfully Launching a Virtual Small Group

Guide your first virtual small group - from giving your group a Zoom tour to setting expectations for how to engage online!

Successfully Launching a Virtual Small Group - At a Glance

Screenshot this "at a glance" version to use as a simple reference to guide your small group.

Elements of a Successful Virtual Small Group

This resource will help you effectively prepare you and guide your time during your weekly small group.

Leading a Message Recap Group


Learn how to successfully lead a message recap group! This can be in person or virtual!

Leading a SOAP Group

One way our Connect Group Leaders can lead and pastor their group in this time is through SOAP. Learn how to lead your group to SOAP together!

Serve Your City Resources

Looking for ways your group can practically engage our neighbors and our community with Jesus' love through serving? Check out our ideas and resources page here.