Collide is a group of middle and high schoolers who join together to become disciples of Christ and reach lost and broken people.

Collide meets every Wednesday at 7pm at both of our campuses.
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Our Mission

We are all about life change. What happens when two forces collide together? What happens when your life collides with undeniable truths? Change happens.

Our core values are simple: living our lives in a way to bring together our Identity, Purpose, Relationships, and living our lives in Motion. These four themes do not just identify the group, but they are what makes us who we are. Collide is not just an event, it is a group of people banding together to not live life alone. Quite simply, we are Collide!

Collide meets every Wednesday at 7pm at both of our campuses.

Next Level Leadership Academy

The Next Level Leadership Academy encourages students to take one year to whole-heartedly pursue God and build Godly character to sustain their future leadership roles, whether that be in full time ministry or a for profit business. The goal is to develop our students five years ahead of their peers by equipping them with appropriate knowledge, skill sets, leadership characteristics, self-discipline and wisdom. Visit to learn more.