The Fort Myers Dream Center exists to heal the hurting
and restore hopes and dreams.

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The Dream Center is only possible because of Kingdom Builders. If you have not opted-in to Kingdom Builders, you can do so by giving now. You can be a part of something that is going to change lives
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There are going to be many ways and opportunities that you can use your time and talents to be a part of serving and making the Dream Center a reality.

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If you have access to resources that may help us with renovations and getting the building ready to be used – electricians, carpenters, contractors – let us know, we would love to hear from you!

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In the coming months we will be unrolling some amazing programs at the Dream Center, but we need your help. If you have a passion for mentoring, tutoring, teaching – this is going to be an incredible opportunity for you to use your gifts.

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God’s timing is in this. With everything our city has been through, this building is going to be way more than a building. It is going to be a beacon of light in the darkness.

Our 6 Areas of Focus


During the school year 26,000 kids in Lee County leave school with no place to go.

We will provide a place for those kids to go after school as well as provide summer programs while school is not in session.

The programs will be made up of three components: (1) Homework and Tutoring; (2) Bible Study; and (3) Extracurricular Activities.


We want to empower people with the tools they need to become financially independent.

We will provide Life-Readiness Classes that will help adults in the community take their next step in life and in their finances.

Classes will include savings and budgeting, rebuilding and establishing credit, and home buying.


We believe that it’s important for people to love where they live and to be proud of their community.

We will work with community leaders to maintain and beautify blocks and neighborhoods in the community.

Teams of volunteers will be formed to help with street clean-up, home repairs, lawn maintenance, and a host of other services.


We believe that by offering social services, it will holistically improve the lives of thousands of area residents.

Events like our annual Project Back to school will be able to be held at our very own Dream Center!

We will also offer services like job/professional preparation, parenting classes, GED courses, and walk-in health services.


We believe that as followers of Christ the most important need, is spiritual well-being.

Week in and week out we will have the ability offer people the opportunity to meet with Jesus through weekend services and weekly groups.

The facility would provide a weekend location to plug people directly into the programs that the Dream Center will offer.


Our mission is to create a way for the people in Dunbar to have access to affordable health care.

We have discovered that the vast majority of the people in Dunbar can’t afford regular medical check-ups.

Our answer is to partner with a local health organization to operate a health clinic in the Dream Center.

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